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More Awareness.
More Customers.
More Results.

Accelerate Your Marketing & PR Outcomes
with Cognitive Science

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Technology, Corporate & Product Launch Strategies

Propel your brand to the heights
of market leadership

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of Interest & Exposure

with Public Relations Precision

What is Cognitive Science Communication?

We help smart marketers improve outcomes by integrating key psychology, neuroscience & sociology principles into the structure of messaging, PR, marketing & communication programs.

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Ready for a PR Partner with Scientific Precision?

If you are ready to improve your marketing & communication outcomes with scientific precision, you’ve come to the right place.

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Manage all your Marketing In-House?

Corporate Communication teams love our Message & Strategy Services with In-House Team Implementation Training. Get all our thinking & work, then execute entirely in-house.

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Innovating PR with Cognitive Science

Craft messages that resonate with your target audience by using strategies anchored in the Behavioral Sciences.

Cognitive Science

Psychology, Neuroscience & Sociology


Promote with Precision

Changing the Industry

Scientific Precision

Strengthen the accuracy and outcomes of your messages and overall organizational communication by filtering its development through key, proven human communication principles adapted from psychological, behavioral and cognitive sciences.

Customer & Market Analysis

Analyze the internal and external forces affecting your brand, and how that should translate to the business growth strategies you employ and enable the creation of communication materials where your value is indisputable. Volume PR’s network of neuroscience and neuromarketing partners provide advanced opportunities for our clients to deepen insights with customized customer and market research packages.

Accelerated Positioning

Tailor your differentiators, benefits, value and uniqueness from competitors (both real and perceived) so your customers and the media instantly “get it” and are compelled to ACT.


Succinct and beautifully articulated statements, statistics and quantifiable proof points that establish your company’s value in quick sound bites.

Message Mapping

Graphically portray your messages, and how each member of your organization should deliver them – and in the proper order for maximum impact. Leave no room for confusion or alternative interpretation from anyone within the organization.


Elizabeth Edwards
Founder, President & CEO

As president and founder of Volume Public Relations, Elizabeth Robinson Edwards leads the nations premier communications agency delivering marketing, PR and corporate communication programs rooted in the principles of cognitive science and dedicated to providing More Awareness, More Customers, and More Results.

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Heather Lindemann
Director, Chief Strategist

Heather Lindemann is a strategic communications specialist with a focus on building powerful brands. She has worked with corporate, consumer, technology, energy and non-profit clients for 15 years and has media trained more than 200 executives. Additionally, Heather has worked with clients in crisis communications, media strategy, internal communications, social media and branding.

Missy Shorey
Chief Strategist

Missy Shorey serves as a Chief Strategist at Volume PR. She is a seasoned strategic communications professional with proven expertise in public relations, marketing and advertising. Missy has achieved particular success in conceiving and directing nationwide initiative based campaigns for top tier clients of all kinds.

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