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"From day one with VolumePR they understood our market... we've experienced unbelievable coverage, proving that even a task as daunting as changing the United States perception of Rwanda is not too much for this team."

- Rob Fogler, Founder & Managing Director Thousand Hills Venture Fund


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The 6 Secrets That Could Change Content Marketing Forever

What marketer doesn’t know the joy of creating content… Its a never-ending pile of fun! Right?!

In truth, developing quality content is sort o...

Are Cognitive Traps Blocking Your Innovation? Depends on how you answer this question.

Are You More Likely to Die From Shark Attack or Falling Plane Parts?


Volume PR's one-of-a-kind approach integrates cognitive science principles into the practice of marketing, public relations, social media and corporate communications. The Volume PR system is proven to increase awareness, enable you to reach more customers, and generate measurable results.

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